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Food is involved in so many of life's milestones and celebrations and the pressure of getting those meals just right can be quite daunting, even taking away the joy of being with friends and family. If you don't feel quite ready to cook an entire dinner party or family get together on your own, but equally don’t want it to be catered, there is a middle way!


I can provide a little behind the scenes support to reduce stress, save time and make the whole experience more enjoyable. I’ve built up a fair bit of cooking experience over the years and have a few tips and tricks up my sleeves that I am always happy to share - and no one ever needs to know!

The process is initially very similar to a catered event, we meet up for a free initial chat to work out what your expectations are for the event. I can then help you with menu planning and, once the menu has been agreed, provide you with full recipes and combined shopping lists. I will then be cooking alongside you on the prep day, plus laying the table, finding napkins, checking the wine is cold - whatever is needed for you to have a stress free event!

If this sounds like something you would like to do please do get in touch and we can have a chat.

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